For Items/Collections of 50,000 Dollars of value and over please call 678-725-3465

Specializing in Rare Coins, Stamps, Gems, Jewelry, Bullion and Fine Collectibles

Monday - Friday 9:00am - 7:00pm, Saturday 10:00am - 5:00pm Eastern Time

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We handle transactions of all sizes - no minimum or maximum!


We purchase Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium and more. We take all precious metals in the form of bullion, coins, jewelry, watches and more, in any form and in any condition. Turn your precious metals into cash today with PawnVault.


Clear out your basement and garage and turn your tools into cash. We accept all precision tools, battery powered and electric equipment, automotive tools, surveying equipment and more. If your tools are in good, working condition, we'll accept them, no questions asked!

Game Consoles

Pawn or sell your electronics to us and get instant cash! From Xbox, Playstation and Wii, to flat screen TVs, iPods and all the latest gadgets, we accept all working-condition electronics and video games less than three years old.


Jewelry &

We specialize in precious stones, fine jewelry and watches. Whether you're sitting on family heirlooms or the latest designs, PawnVault will valuate your jewelry and always give you the best deal possible.

Stamps, Coins and

Whatever you collect, from coins, guns, comic books, figurines, and just about anything else, choose PawnVault to turn your collection into cash. Are you a stamp collector? Great news - our on-staff APS expert will make sure you're getting every penny's worth for your collection. Plus, we accept all antiques from small furniture, silverware, china, tools and more.


Vintage or new, high-value or run-of-the-mill, we buy all musical instruments. Guitars, horns, percussion, pianos and keyboards. Dust them off and send them in to us - we'll pay you top dollar.

Need Fast Cash But Want to Keep Your Item? Pawn It Here!

Need money now, but you don't want to sell off your valuables? Pawn them today with - We'll pay to have your items shipped to us*, and we'll store them in our state-of-the-art indestructible vaults. You'll get a collateral-backed loan for your item's fair market value and we'll give you all the time you need to buy your item back! Your items will be stored safely with us until you are ready.

What to Sell Your Item? Sell It To Us!

Don't fuss with placing ads, dealing with auction sites and hoping to get a decent bid! Get your money NOW and sell direct to PawnVault instead! Our on-staff collectibles experts will appraise your items and give you the most competitive price upfront, so you can save time and get more money than trying to sell it on your own!

Get Your Money FAST!

When you choose to pawn or sell your item, you'll always get your money fast - in as little as 24 hours! Plus, you can rest assured that your money is ready to be released with our PawnEscrow service.* Tell us what you've shipped and we'll transfer funds into a secure escrow account where you can see the money. Once we receive your item, we'll release the funds to you through ACH directly to the bank account of your choice. PawnVault is the ONLY online pawn service that lets you see your money and offers you this level of security! *

Unprecedented Security has thought of everything! First, all transactions are completely private - there's never any credit check or background check required. When we receive your items, we'll handle them with the utmost care and store it, fully insured, in one of our indestructible vaults until you're ready to reclaim your items. Our facilities are protected by heavy security, implementing both hard-wire and cellular networks and a state-of-the art motion detection system, so you never have to worry about the safety of your items.

Reputable & Honest

Unlike many online pawnshops that are frankly nothing more than risky internet startups, the professionals at PawnVault have been serving the Pawn industry for more than 20 years through our brick and mortar operations across the United States. We are members of the Better Business Bureau so you know you're working with professional, honest businesspeople. Plus, we've built a trusted online reputation with more than 4,000 positive transaction reviews across the internet. Now, we bring you where you can Pawn or Sell your items worry free and without risk.

* some limitations apply. Please call for details.